Thursday, September 22, 2011


To achieve this, it is sufficient to say (in Arabic, if possible):

A. ’Ash-hadu ’an la ilaha ’illaal-lah!
B. Wa ‘ash-hadu ‘an-na Muhammadan rasulul-lah
C. Wa ‘ash-hadu ‘an-na ‘isa abdul-lahi wa rasuluhu
D. Bari’tu min kulli dinin yukhalifu dinal-Islam

The meaning of this is as follows:

A. I bear witness that there is no (true) god except Allah.
B. And I bear witness that Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger.
C. And I bear witness that Jesus is the slave and messenger of Allah.
D. deny and refuse any religion except Islam.

Also you can say:

01. I (firmly) believe in Allah, His Angels, His scriptures, His Messengers, the Last Day, and in the ability of Allah to will the existence of good or bad.
02. I promise Allah not to associate with Him (in worship) anyone or anything (whatsoever), and,
03. I will steadfastly perform Salat (the Five Prayers), and
04. I will give out Zakat (special Islamic system of charity), and
05. I will never steal, and
06. Never commit adultery (or fornication), and
07. Never illegally kill a person, and
08. Never disobey Allah.
09. Praise be to Allah Who has guided me to belief !

Note: The person in charge, in front of whom a new Muslim has announced his conversion to Islam, prays Allah for him with such prayers: Allah may forgive me and you! And Allah may accept (submission) from me and you! O Allah! Accept him with those on whom You did bestow your Grace, of Prophets, the Sincere (lovers of Truth), the Witnesses, and the righteous! What a beautiful Fellowship!

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